Autovogue AVR

AVR-GT 22" x 10.5J


The 22" AVR-GT is a modern interpretation of the classic 5 spoke design. Radiating from the wheel centre five stems extend and separates into a distinctive Y configuration, offering a total of 10 spokes clasping the outer lip. Apposing surface transition from sharp to smooth contours, delivering a strong visual statement while offering enhanced viewing and cooling of the braking system. Available in 10.5J x 22"

The AVR-GT Wheel and Tyre Packages are designed to work in conjunction with AVR Conversion Programmes.
Available in Gloss Black with a Diamond turned edge,  Anthracite Satin Grey and Full Satin Black

BMW X6 / X5

* Only compatible with 10.5J Front & Rear in standard body configuration
** Additional spacer kit required for AVR-X6 Wide-body 20mm front axle and 50mm rear axle.

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