Autovogue AVR

AVR Plug-in Power Upgrade


Take your vehicles performance to the next level with our unobtrusive and simple to install power module.
Installation takes no more than 10 minutes and no special tools are required.

Each Tuning Module is equipped with 7 selectable power stages, allowing you to tailor your performance requirements.

• Stage 1, 2 & 3 realise optimal economy.
• Stage 4 delivers a blend of performance & economy.
• Stage 5, 6 & 7 deliver peak performance output.

Autovogue engine Power Modules offer the following benefits:

• Simple Plug & Play installation utilising with OEM quality wiring looms and interconnects.
• Non-permanent, can be removed without trace.
• Engine safe operation, no safety functions of your ECU are disabled.
• Improved Bhp and Torque as well as fuel efficiency ( up to 6Mpg ) *
• 7 user selectable Stages to suite your preferred power output.
• Can be reprogrammed and transferred to any other vehicle, retaining your investment.
• 3 Year warranty.



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