Autovogue AVR

AVR Suspension Lowering Service


Autovogue utilise performance lowering springs from Eibach and H&R. Each Spring set is specifically designed to work in harmony with your existing vehicle Factory Dampers (if dampers are in a good road worthy condition prior to installation) ensuring perfect operation.

Our Lowering service will transform the stance of your vehicle, your wheels will sit beautifully within the arches offering a more dynamic sporting presence without clearance issues. Moving the vehicle body closer to the ground will change the centre of gravity, this equates to less body role, improved aerodynamics and handling.

Prices start from £499 Installed for conventional 4 spring set up road cars - SUV models will differ -  Contact us direct for an accurate quote for your specific make and model.

This is a supply and fit service only, mail order is not available. *Other lowering springs available on request * Amount of lowering will vary per vehicle and model derivative. On average 25mm front axle - 15mm rear axle will be realised. Please allow 3-5 hours for this service, and will need to be pre-booked in advance. 


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